Waterfall VS Agile Project Management

Waterfall VS Agile Project Management

In the world of business, you need to develop effective strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, you also need to plan for the successful operation of your business. Well, are you still wondering whether what kind of project management you are going to use?

Then, this article is for you. Waterfall methodology and Agile methodology are two of the most popular project management today. Well, do you want to know the best methods for the success of your business? The following ideas will help you to find out.

waterfall vs agileWaterfall Methodology

Water methodology follows a sequential and liner procedure. It is the most famous version of systems development life cycle for IT and software engineering projects. It is perfect to use for unchanging and straightforward projects.

Waterfall Advantages

Easy to use and manage. The Waterfall model follows a similar sequential pattern for every project. It is really effortless to use and understand. With his methodology, your team doesn’t need prior training before working on the project. It is also a rigid model, so you can easily control and manage.

It enforces discipline. Every phase of the Waterfall has a beginning and end point. With this, you can easily share the progress with your customers and stakeholders. The team can also lessen the risk of missing deadlines.

Needs a properly documented approach. This methodology requires documentation for each phase for a better understanding of the logic of the tests and codes.

Waterfall Disadvantages

It can’t accommodate change easily. When the team has completed the phase, they can’t go back. One of its downfalls is that it can handle change since it follows a linear and sequential order.

Gathering accurate requirements is difficult. In a Waterfall project, you need to talk to your stakeholders and customers. However, pinpointing the right requirement is quite challenging.

On the other hand, let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Agile.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is based on an iterative and incremental approach. With Agile software development, you have access to changing requirements over time. It also encourages feedback from the end users.

Agile Advantages

It adapts to change. With an agile methodology, you can make changes with your project anytime. You can also introduce the changes to your team.

High quality and faster delivery. The project can be broken down into iterations or manageable units which can help your team to focus on top quality development, collaboration, and testing. This is a perfect style for software development where there is a high degree of uncertainty in the project. This is often the case when developing apps for the various stores, or the video-style jackpot games that are developed in html5 and HD for various online casinos.

Agile Disadvantages

Less detailed planning. With the use of Agile, pinning down a reliable delivery date is sometimes challenging. Thus, it is based on a time-boxed delivery.

The team must be knowledgeable. The agile team is commonly small, so the team members must be knowledgeable in different areas.
Time commitment from developers. Agile can be successful if the development team will focus on the project. It requires active collaboration and involvement among team members.

To sum it up, both Agile and Waterfall project management have their specific advantages and disadvantages. With this, you can now decide about the best methodology for the success of your project.

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